Sims Recycling Solutions Pursuing e-Stewards Certification

Posted by on October 19, 2012

WP-E_Stewards_CertifiedSims Recycling Solutions recently announced the company is pursuing e-Stewards certification at its 15 North American electronics processing facilities. As the first step toward this goal, Sims has signed a contract with Orion Registrar Inc. to certify each of its North American facilities over the next 18 months.

The company’s facilities currently have ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2 certifications and EPSC RQP certification in Canada. With the addition of the e-Stewards certification, Sims will continue to maintain the highest level of certification in the electronics recycling industry. Sims supports responsible global recycling practices as well as responsible recycling legislation and is the industry leader in creating safe workplaces for its employees.

“The decision to pursue this certification is significant for the company and will reinforce Sims’ commitment to provide the best services possible in the industry. This certification will also allow us to engage with new customers that were previously beyond our reach because of our lack of the e-Stewards certification,” said Steve Skurnac, president, Sims Recycling Solutions, Americas. “Our current customers will also benefit by knowing they are working with the recycler that holds the highest level of certification available in the electronics recycling industry.”

Beginning with the Common Sense Initiative and continuing with the National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative, R2, and e-Stewards discussions, Sims has been, and remains, an active participant in all electronic scrap recycling industry collaborations. Sims is also a member of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling steering committee, an industry group supporting the passage of the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act.

Sims has worked in close engagement with the Basel Action Network, the creators of the e-Stewards standard and certification program, on a number of issues, including global waste trade policy and the improvement of the e-Stewards standard and its management. Sims believes that e-Stewards provides the strongest, most unambiguous, and robust approach to domestic electronic scrap processing and applauds the recent announcement by BAN to find a third-party host organization to administer the e-Stewards program.

“As the largest electronics recycler in North America, Sims takes a very considered approach to legislative and market-based initiatives. The addition of the e-Stewards certification to our facilities demonstrates our commitment to meet the highest industry standards with respect to human health and the environment,” stated Skurnac. “Sims is a sustainability leader and we will continue to pursue the most promising partnerships with other sustainability leaders in industry, government, and environmental organizations.” “BAN is thrilled to announce Sims Recycling Solutions’ contract to become fully e-Stewards certified. Sims is not only the largest e-waste recycler in North America, but they are among the true leaders in global sustainability as well,” said BAN Executive Director Jim Puckett.

“Their support of both market initiatives like the e-Stewards certification and legislation in the U.S. Congress to prevent the dumping of hazardous wastes on developing countries must be applauded. Leaders lead, and Sims has clearly shown it has no hesitation in doing so.”

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