Sims Recycling Solutions Recognizes 14 Companies for Recycling E-waste in 2012

Posted by on June 15, 2013

Sims-Reorganizes-14-Companies-2012ims Recycling Solutions recently recognized 14 companies for the greatest amount of e-waste recycled with Sims in the United States. These companies were selected to receive this honor based on the weight of electronic waste each one shipped to a Sims Recycling Solutions facility last year.

Representing some of the leading U.S. companies from the electronics manufacturing, insurance, retail, technology, and telecommunications industries, each company recycled between 1 million and 10 million pounds of electronic waste with Sims in 2012. These companies have dedicated significant corporate resources to ensure that the proper methods for recycling and waste disposal are in place; an investment that creates jobs, conserves natural resources, and reduces carbon emissions.

Based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Waste Reduction Model from February 2012, reusing or recycling 100 million pounds of electronic waste is approximately equivalent to conserving 12.5 million gallons of gasoline, removing 25,000 cars from the road, and planting 2.9 million trees.

“In most cases, the actions of these large corporations pave the way for the rest,” said Steve Skurnac, president, Sims Recycling Solutions, Global. “These organizations realize that they have a responsibility to not only properly dispose of their electronics because of their own environmental, data security, reputational and compliance obligations, but also to set the standard for others to do the same as well. Sims is pleased to congratulate these companies for their commitment to e-waste recycling and we are proud to be working with them.”

Each company was presented with an award and a certificate of sustainability that demonstrated how their commitment to electronics recycling benefits the U.S. economy and environment.

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