Meet Sims Recycling Solutions’ OEM Compliance Team

Posted by on January 30, 2014

Our Story:

In 2008, Sims Recycling Solutions saw an opportunity to utilize its geographic footprint, in-house processing capabilities, and existing relationships with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to specialize in assisting OEMs with the management of several different new and expanding electronics take-back laws being passed and implemented across the United States. Renee St. Denis, vice president of Sims Recycling Solutions was formerly the director of Hewlett Packard’s Product Take-Back Group for the Americas. St. Denis joined Sims to direct the implementation of this program and within six months she created a team of four with various strategic professional backgrounds. Over a five-year period, the team increased in size from four to eight and the program expanded its focus to include legislated OEM take-back needs along with the development of electronics recycling infrastructures in Latin America and other emerging marketplaces around the world. In addition, Sims participates and maintains  active memberships with several international policy initiatives.

Our Team:


Sims’ OEM Compliance Team (left to right): Top Row – Eddie Shipman, Diana Meyers, Larry King. Middle Row – Patti Whiting, Andriana Kontovrakis, Chris York. Bottom Row – Renee St. Denis, Tomi Wessel.

Renee St. Denis

Vice President, OEM Compliance and Business Development

As the leader of the OEM Compliance team, Renee creates and implements solutions for regulatory compliance for OEMs impacted by existing and emerging product take-back and recycling legislation in the United States, Latin America, and other developing countries. Prior to joining Sims, Renee spent 18 years as the Director of Product Take-Back and Recycling in the Hewlett Packard Americas (HP) organization. Renee represented HP on issues relating to the sound end-of-life management of electronics.

In her current and previous roles, Renee participates in various national and international stakeholder groups related to proper management of end-of-life electronics, including the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE), Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP), the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), and more. When Renee is not at work, she is training and showing her Labrador retriever – named Crash – in field trials, hunt tests, and obedience and tracking events.

Larry King

Legislative Analyst

Larry has extensive legislative expertise and knowledge of the ever-changing compliance landscape in the United States and Latin America, and serves as a legislative advisor to our team and OEM clients. His financial background is leveraged extensively in assessing cost-parameters and developing the tools necessary to evaluate profitable results for the OEM Compliance Team’s programs. Prior to joining Sims, King was part of the Product Take-Back and Recycling Group at Hewlett Packard Americas for 10 years and was primarily responsible for strategic planning and ensuring the company was properly positioned to address the changing end-of-life legislative and market landscapes. Larry enjoys sailing, lives near the wine country in California, and is a supporter of the local economy.

Andriana Kontovrakis

Policy Analyst

Andriana has been with Sims Recycling Solutions since 2009 and is responsible for building electronics collection partnerships and infrastructures in a number of states in the Northeast and Midwest United States. She also tracks U.S. legislation regarding electronics take-back laws and interfaces with communities, regulatory organizations, and recycling trade associations in regions we service. Previously, Andriana worked for the New York City Department of Sanitation as Deputy Director of the Waste Prevention Unit in the Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling where she ran city-sponsored electronics and textile collection events and managed the build or implementation of public education websites and programs. Andriana enjoys running and spending time with her family.

Eddie Shipman

Logistics Analyst

Eddie joined Sims Recycling Solutions in 2009 after a distinguished 25-year career with Hewlett Packard as a logistics manager and downstream auditor. Eddie currently provides information on logistical solutions for OEM Compliance team activities and projects nationwide and manages a host of Sims-sponsored electronics collection and recycling programs in Hawaii. He also provides auditing support to Sims’ safety, health, environment, and community team. Prior to entering the recycling industry, Eddie served in the U.S. Army. Eddie was a basketball “star” back in the day and currently enjoys riding his motorcycle and fishing.

Diana Meyers

Logistics Analyst

Diana joined Sims Recycling Solutions in 2010 and is responsible for building the many databases and web pages the OEM Compliance team maintains on a daily basis to publicize our services, track our customers’ needs, and track our costs, work flow, and overall progress. She also manages bill payments and a national mail-in recycling program. Previously, Diana worked for Hewlett Packard for 10 years where she began in finance and transitioned into operations. Diana is a proud mom of two and is a backyard chicken farmer.

Tomi Wessel

OEM Compliance Team Coordinator

Tomi joined Sims Recycling Solutions in 1996, spending the majority of her tenure in leadership positions with our operations department in Roseville, Calif. Tomi currently works as OEM Coordinator, where she manages OEM customer relations and data management. In addition to her work as a coordinator, Tomi is a skilled artist and has created several e-waste artistry pieces for clients. Figures she has created include a space shuttle for NASA and a football player for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, which was aptly named “Tomi Lee” as homage to the artist’s own middle name Lee. Tomi is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and is a proud mom of two daughters.

Patricia Whiting

Sr. International Policy Analyst

Patti engages with public and private sectors from around the world on international electronic waste policy issues and develops strategies to establish collection and recycling infrastructures on behalf of Sims Recycling Solutions in Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa, and other emerging markets. She is co-chair of an international working group supporting the Basel Convention’s Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) and also participates in other international electronics and hazardous waste forums. Previously, Patricia spent 21 years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Resource Conservation and over a decade as the Agency’s Basel Convention Competent Authority. Patti lives in New Hampshire, enjoys a good chardonnay, and loves to spend time with her three kids and her brand new Yorkie, named Luka.

Chris York

Account Executive

Chris joined Sims Recycling Solutions in 2011 and is responsible for building electronics collection partnerships and infrastructures in Texas and Latin American countries with new or pending OEM electronics take-back legislation. Chris also advises OEM clients on legislative matters and on annual regulatory or administrative requirements of state take-back laws. Previously, Chris worked in the sales department for a year with another electronics recycler and sold medical devices for over five years. Chris is a Texas native and an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

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