Sims Recycling Solutions Joins Green Grid For Next Generation Data Center Efficiency

Posted by on March 24, 2014

sims-green-grid-efficiencyData centers have become the center of most businesses today as well as a growing segment of everyday life. These large, energy intensive facilities contain banks of powerful computers and related cooling and power equipment. Recognizing that this progress comes at an increasing environmental cost, the technology companies that contribute most to data center development are working together to make them greener and more efficient.

The Green Grid, a non-profit consortium of companies, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals, was created for the common cause of developing the resources necessary for achieving optimal data center efficiency. As a new member of The Green Grid, Sims Recycling Solutions looks forward to the opportunity to help influence technology creators as well as the end users of data center technology. The role of Sims will be to provide The Green Grid with global expertise and insight into the responsible and efficient disposal of data center electronics.

“As 5.75 million new servers continue to be installed each year, education, standards and measurement tools are in need of development to ensure the most efficient maintenance and disposal of these servers is being performed,” stated Steve Skurnac, president of Sims Recycling Solutions. “Sims is looking forward to contributing to these tools and resources to help shape the future of the efficient disposal of IT equipment in these facilities.”

Central to Sims’ role will be their Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM), a framework outlining goals and strategies for energy efficiency and sustainability in data center planning, and the Electronics Disposal Efficiency (EDE) metric, the DCMM component that specifically addresses the responsible decommissioning and disposal of computing electronics.

The EDE metric joins other DCMM components addressing power, water and carbon usage in creating objective benchmarks for accurately estimating the need to upgrade or replace data center equipment.

“Data center growth today is showing no sign of stopping or even slowing down,” says Sean Magann, vice president of Sims Recycling Solutions, Americas. “To stay cost efficient, environmentally responsible, compliant and scalable for future technology needs, data center planners need reliable guidelines for not only estimating system maturity, but also for recycling and disposing of unwanted electronics safely. The Green Grid framework is a very important step in that direction – and Sims Recycling

Solutions will be a crucial partner in getting there.”

View the full press release to learn more about The Green Grid and Sims Recycling Solutions’ role in developing the next generation of sustainable data centers.

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