Sims’ Top Clients Collectively Recycle Over 100 Million Pounds of E-Waste

Posted by on September 17, 2014

WP-Over-100-million-pounds-ewasteOne hundred million pounds of e-waste is a level of achievement that deserves recognition. To distinguish the immense benefits of recycling this volume of e-waste, consider these equivalents in energy savings which include conserving 12.5 million gallons of gasoline; removing 25,000 cars from the road; or planting 2.9 million trees. Sims honored 16 of its clients for their shared efforts at recycling a combined 100 million pounds of e-waste during the 2013 calendar year. These firms, originating from industries such as electronics manufacturing, insurance, technology, retail and telecommunications, each recycled between 1-10 million pounds of e-waste during this time period.

Every company that chooses Sims does so out of a need to ensure accountable recycling of e-waste and documented proof of data security, but some firms go above and beyond the standard.

“With so many great IT asset disposal companies in the industry, we are honored to be working with these leading companies,” stated Steve Skurnac, president of Sims Recycling Solutions. “Sims will continue to work toward providing all customers with the most advanced IT asset disposition services on the market to ensure all customer environmental, data security and compliance needs are exceeded.”

Sims is proud to partner with environmentally conscientious businesses who commit to responsible recycling. Every company that chooses to work with Sims does so to ensure accountable recycling of e-waste and documented proof of data security.

The resources these firms allocate to see through responsible recycling demonstrate not only a desire to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions, but also to invest in job creation.

“It’s a pleasure to work with businesses and manufacturers who understand and place value on the importance of recycling e-waste,” said Lisa Collins, national account executive for Sims Recycling Solutions. “Their steadfast environmental efforts are a reflection of the true nature of these organizations.”

Each company was presented with an award and a certificate of sustainability that demonstrated how it’s commitment to electronics recycling benefits the U.S. economy and environment.

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