Sims Recycling Solutions Shares Safety Standards to Look For in a Recycler

Posted by on September 24, 2014


Selecting a recycling vendor most often includes analyzing logistics and verification of certifications and standards such as e-Stewards and Responsible Recycling (R2). Less well known, but equally as important is the need to evaluate the recycler’s employee safety programs. This extra effort can help identify a recycler that goes above and beyond basic requirements, which is a good indication of what to expect of their integrity when managing your company’s assets.

Sims Recycling Solutions recently released an infographic to display key fundamentals required to run a strong and effective safety program and the effect this can have on employees as well as the environment. This infographic aims to demonstrate how implementing small, but important changes can make a significant impact on the wellbeing at the facility and abroad.

“Safety and training programs are proven to reduce the number of employee injuries on the job,” stated Kyle Mills, director of safety, health, environment and community at Sims Recycling Solutions. “Between 2008 and 2013 Sims saw a 383 percent reduction in injuries to employees as a result of our improved training programs.”

WP-safety-standardsSome safety fundamentals listed include specifying staff members to manage each facility’s safety program and identify vulnerabilities while training employees to proactively recognize potential dangers as well. Another encourages open and regular communication to shape preventative behavior and of course, the requirement to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

It’s not only the employees and the recycler that benefit from a safety program. Working with a responsible recycler can also provide customers with the assurance that they are not contributing to any environmental and safety disasters in developing countries.

View the full infographic on the Sims Recycling Solutions website forma complete set of safety program tips. When choosing a recycling vendor to handle your assets use this as a guide to assess the company and ensure these practices are applied at all times.

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