The IT Disposal Landscape in the D.C. Metro Area

Posted by on January 23, 2015

WP-WDC-InfographicAs the capital of the United States and the seventh largest metropolitan area, Washington, D.C. is home to nearly six million residents and is now emerging as a technology leader. The unique traits that make up the nation’s capitol and surroundings create an opportunity for the disposal of IT equipment that is distinct to this region.

One of the D.C. Metro’s distinguishing qualities is that its expanse crosses varying disposal behaviors and legislations. Maryland and Virginia are two states with legal mandates for the management of end-of-life electronics. In one year the two states collected over 21 million pounds of electronics and there are colossal amounts left from other corners of the Metro.

Similar to other regions, sentiments toward IT asset disposal (ITAD) are shifting to grasp the value of reducing waste and promoting reuse. A recent infographic was designed to help D.C. Metro inhabitants become aware of how responsible ITAD preserves finite resources, saves energy and reduces toxic pollutants. In addition to environmental protections, ITAD can produce opportunities to prosper from.

The District of Columbia and its surrounding states are stimulating economic development with tax incentives for technology businesses, but proper ITAD can provide assistance there as well. E-waste currently landfilled could instead be producing 50,000 new jobs and almost $800 million in payroll in just the next year. As recycling rates increase around the D.C. Metro, economic advancements may follow.

Learn about the importance of responsible ITAD in the Metro, as well as tips for identifying trustworthy vendors in this recent infographic.

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