Sims Recycling Solutions: Raising the Bar for Continuous Improvement

Posted by on January 29, 2015

WP-Sims-Raising-the-BarThe voluntary certifications a company works to achieve and maintain represent its work ethic and commitment to corporate citizenship. This vow to perform according to preset standards demonstrates their dedication to delivering the highest value service possible.

This is the principle Sims Recycling Solutions embodies as it upgraded its latest certifications – the e-Stewards standards and the ADISA accreditation.

Sims’ U.S. sites became e-Stewards certified in early 2014, but more recently took it a step further and implemented new controls earning its upgrade to version 2.0. This advancement came with tighter data protections and greater environmental safeguards.

“This e-Stewards certification upgrade indicates that Sims is committed to providing our customers the assurance that their material is handled with integrity and full accountability,” stated Steve Skurnac, president of Sims Recycling Solutions. “This keeps the company at the forefront of industry shifts and signals to enterprises that we are constantly striving to improve our services.”

The ADISA accreditation similarly demonstrates Sims’ commitment to upholding top level standards. The annual multi-layered audit process confirmed the Dumfries site is adhering to the stringent regulations established. Sims’ audit resulted in a passing score of 95 percent which earned the company a distinction with honours that few companies achieve.

“Achieving the highest distinction possible speaks volumes of the efforts made to ensure that we meet top level standards within our industry,” stated Anand Narasimhan, director of Sims Recycling Solutions, Europe. “Great news for us and our customers, and further confirmation of Sims’ dedication to ensuring we continue to provide ‘best in class’ ITAD services in the UK and the rest of Europe.”

Sims retains a number of global health, safety, environmental and industry certifications including AS/NZS 4801, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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