To “B.Y.O.D.” or not to be

Posted by on July 9, 2015

Bring your own device

8 B.Y.O.D. Security Tips

A recent article by FierceMobileIT1 indicates that more than one-quarter of companies do not support a “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) program. When asked why, data security and policy issues came up as primary concerns however; this source states that lagging in BYOD support actually puts companies at risk of security breaches. It appears that regardless of policies, employees are bringing in their own mobile devices whether their company allows them to or not. So in these cases, it’s better to be prepared with guidance and policies to ensure security of these BYOD devices.

With BYOD and the cloud being stated as the top data breach and malware risks2 to companies, IT executives are being heavily advised to adapt and/or implement some sort of protection. Risks tied to any data breach currently total an average of $5.4 million3 per incident in the United States and £4.25 million4 in the UK.

A defined BYOD program which addresses security issues can help ensure corporate and IT policy compliance. Sims created an infographic which outlines eight BYOD security tips to consider prior to policy development. This information will hopefully support data security efforts not only in end-of-life devices, but in working equipment as well.

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