How to Confidently Purchase Refurbished IT Equipment

Posted by on August 14, 2015

Refurbished 3With global e-commerce expected to reach 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars by 20181 it comes as no surprise that enterprises are shifting to online environments. Adding to this discussion, a recent report from IMRG indicated nearly 50 percent of e-commerce traffic in the United Kingdom was performed on smartphone or tablet devices2. By embracing technology and taking advantage of mobile devices, UK shoppers are projected to spend on average £1,174 online in 20153.

As a business that manages IT asset disposition for Fortune 100 companies Sims Recycling Solutions, UK, recently unveiled, an e-commerce website that sells refurbished mobile devices and IT equipment. The development of has opened a window of opportunity for Sims to accept a wider range of functioning, but older, electronic devices and sell it to a broader range of consumers.

Consumers in the United Kingdom can purchase refurbished electronics on that originate from companies and agencies. Such electronics are collected and brought to a Sims Recycling Solutions IT asset recovery facility where they are fully processed. The IT assets are carefully tested, thoroughly cleaned, repaired and replaced, and hard drives wiped ensuring they no longer contain data from former users. This service offers a great alternative to buying new IT equipment as refurbished electronics are inexpensive, reliable and dependable products from top manufacturers. will complement Sims Recycling Solutions’ reuse efforts, as they deliver environmentally responsible solutions for refurbishing and reselling surplus IT and telecom equipment.

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