Latin America’s Recycling Infrastructure Road Map: Are we there yet?

Posted by on September 15, 2015

pile of ewaste 250x250While volumes of retired electronics in Latin America have continued to increase, local infrastructure for the proper management of “end-of-life” electronic equipment has not caught up to the demand. In Latin America legitimate options for IT asset disposition are available but the business is not as competitive as in other parts of the world. Therefore incentives for formal certifications and process improvements are relatively low, as it does not initially appear as impactful to their business profitability.

One leadership project, sponsored by SERI and the R2 Leader program is working to increase responsible recycling practices in Latin America through the expansion of the R2 standard. This standard is known and referred to as the premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry. This project specifically will assist four local facilities in successfully completing the R2:2013 certification process.

Support will include help with translations and internal audits of recycling facilities, in preparation for their R2 certification. Partners involved in the R2 Leader program include SERI, Greeneye Partners, DIRECTV, Sims Recycling Solutions, Oracle, Arrow Value Recovery, Lenovo and Sony America.

Click here for the latest press release regarding the program.