Sims Notes an Increase in ITAD at 2015 Gartner Summits

Posted by on December 22, 2015

Dr. Anand Narasimhan

Dr. Anand Narasimhan presenting at the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit in London, UK on September 21-22

Gartner, the leading provider of technology-based research, is at the forefront when it comes to delivering high quality IT conferences. While several topics are covered at the Gartner summits, the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summits in particular are described on the website to reach IT leaders who want to learn more about creating a culture that drives and supports agility and innovation. These summits focus largely on leading change to drive innovation, collaboration and cost optimization.

Sims Recycling Solutions’ executives were delighted to exhibit as well as present at the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summits in Grapevine, Texas this past November 2-4 and in London, UK on September 21-22. Based on Sims’ observation software asset management and its opportunities for delivering business savings appeared to be a big area of interest. Hardware asset management however seems to be struggling to gain the same profile with those responsible for delivering IT cost optimization, despite the opportunities to add value back into businesses when disposing of IT equipment. With the European General Data Protection Regulations expected to be released soon Sims anticipates IT asset disposition will be a bigger topic of discussion at upcoming conferences.

Sims already observed a notable increase this year in ITAD sessions at both the London and Grapevine summits. This year’s ITAD sessions at the two summits included presentations from Gartner Analyst Rob Schafer, and Sims Recycling Solutions’ Dr. Anand Narasimhan and Sean Magann.

Rob Schafer, Gartner Analyst, had two sessions at the UK Summit where he presented on ’Effective IT Asset Disposition: A Prerequisite to Controlling Costs and Mitigating Risk’, and separately shared a review of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition, Worldwide.

Dr. Anand Narasimhan, managing director of Asset Recovery Services, for Europe and India, presented on a holistic approach to IT Asset Disposition at the September Gartner Summit in London, UK. Focusing on the circular economy benefits of our reuse model, Dr. Narasimhan provided guidance on how to maximize value and protect your data and brand by choosing the right ITAD partner.

Sean Magann, vice president of Sims Recycling Solutions, spoke at the Gartner Summit in Grapevine, Texas and shared a case study regarding data center IT asset disposition. This case study disclosed insight on a partnership with a Fortune 50 global financial institution in need of proper management of information-bearing data center hardware on a global scale. You may view his full presentation on-demand in December on Gartner’s website.

As we watch the IT asset disposition industry continue to evolve Sims can only assume this will be a growing area of interest not only in Gartner events but other various events across the globe.

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