Part 4: Preparing Your Hard Drive for End-of-Life Recycling

Posted by on January 28, 2016

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Purging and shredding of hard drives is a popular solution for data destruction especially if your hard drive,

  • stores highly-sensitive information,
  • is unusable,
  • was manufactured before 2007, or
  • if you simply have no desire to reuse or resell your equipment.

Purging represents the degaussing of media which is a process of eliminating the drive’s magnetic field, disabling functionality. Since solid-state drives do not rely on a magnetic source this is only effective for hard disk drives. Regardless degaussed hard drives are typically sent immediately for destruction, as there is no chance for reuse.

Shredded hard drives not only provide you with satisfying visuals of data destruction, but this process also prepares the drives for further recycling. Once shredded, items are separated and sent to downstream recyclers for reuse. Refined commodities are then sold to manufacturers to be made into new products. Purging and shredding of hard drives is a popular solution for data destruction Click To Tweet

Bulk hard drive destruction typically occurs at large shredding and recycling facilities, but more recently mobile shredding services have also been introduced. This service provides added security by removing risks of cargo theft during transportation as well as the convenience of witnessing the destruction without needing to leave your office.

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