Part 5: Other Hard Drive Data Destruction Considerations (FINAL)

Posted by on February 4, 2016

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While there are many reliable vendors for IT asset disposition it’s important to ensure you’re covering all of your bases. Certificates and standards can hold as a great way to narrow down key players but asset tracking, secure transport and environmentally responsible disposition should be greatly considered as well.

One article cited a study that disclosed IT assets were missing from four out of five disposal projects4. Legitimate asset tracking will minimize this risk and enable a client to see real-time status updates of all equipment to locate where each item is throughout the disposition process. This simple feature can help with reporting, compliance and security of assets. Putting data at risk can be costly and can significantly damage a company's reputation Click To Tweet

These efforts, in summary, will help you eliminate existing data threats within retired IT devices. Consequences for putting this data at risk can include upsetting customers and stockholders, damaging a company’s reputation, costing the company in penalties from fines and sanctions, and potentially putting executives and others at risk of civil or criminal prosecution. While most companies already maintain an IT asset management program, integrating end-of-life IT assets into that program can prove beneficial to maximize device value and minimize risk.

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