Conquering Data Center Decommissioning Security Challenges

Posted by on February 25, 2016

data centerIncreasing digitization, mobility and connected devices will continue to impact how data centers manage vast amounts of data. According to the world’s leading information technology research company, large quantities of data will drive the data center industry to face new security, capacity and analytics challenges1. In this time of constant security threats, protecting confidential information is one of the highest priorities for all organizations whether using a traditional enterprise or outsourced data center.

Companies today should (and generally do) require all digital data to be destroyed during data center decommissioning whether assets are being reused or recycled. As data is stored on more devices than ever careful consideration must be made to ensure the complete destruction of confidential information on servers, main frames and other data storage devices. Luckily as demand continues to increase, IT asset disposition companies are offering more comprehensive services to include an on-site management team who can de-install, remove, recover and recycle retired electronic hardware securely and responsibly while guaranteeing the destruction of all digital data. Careful consideration must be made to ensure the complete destruction of confidential information Click To Tweet

Many data center decommissioning projects are built on the core values of systematically removing obsolete equipment in a cost-effective manner while minimizing disruption to ongoing activities and ensuring complete digital data destruction. While global projects can become overwhelming and extremely complex, this recent webinar discusses how a Fortune 50 financial institution successfully implemented a program that ensures responsible end-of-life IT asset management at all data centers across the globe.

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