The Real Value of Electronic Asset Recovery

Posted by on March 17, 2016

asset recoveryWhen corporate budgets allow for IT and electronic device upgrades, newer models and features tend to overshadow the existing potential of replaced devices. While equipment values can vary greatly, these older and replaced devices always hold some level of value either as parts or functional units. Electronic asset recovery has become an important service for not only uncovering the value but also sustaining the life of electronic devices.

Uncovering the value.

Replaced equipment should be assessed quickly to ensure you receive the best return on investment (ROI) for your devices. While it’s exciting to have new products regularly introduced to the market, this lowers the value of older models so timing can be critical.

It’s advised to work alongside a professional with familiarity of current market values. A specialist can then properly assess your equipment, test it for functionality, and determine whether the device is worth preparing for resale or whether it’s better off being sent away to an end-of-life recycler for scrap value.
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Increasing the value.

If a device is in working condition there are a few strategies behind how it can made more desirable, in turn increasing its value.

  • Repair/Refurbishment: If a component is in non-working condition but repair or refurbishment could increase the potential value, this could make a significant impact on the speed of sale and desirability of the item.
  • Usability: The first step before preparing any data storage device for resale would be ensuring removal of all data and software licenses. But with software and data removed, this leaves the new owner with little usability. Loading an authorized operating system can enhance the desirability of the item and enable the price to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Pricing: If an item is priced too high it may never sell. On the other hand, if priced too low potential margins could be lost. Make sure to work with a vendor who can complete thorough research on current market values and will utilize a competitive pricing strategy.
  • Appearance: Spending a little extra time and effort on the presentation of your equipment can go a long way. These minimal efforts can make a huge impact on the success of resale.

A clear understanding of the electronic value recovery process can be important in understanding your return on investment and maximizing the value of each device.

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