ITAD Makes Its Way Into the Recycling Industry

Posted by on May 24, 2016

electronic devicesWith over 41.8 billion tons of e-waste dumped worldwide in 2014, growing concerns for technological waste has led national and international legislators to regulate how end-of-life electronics can and should be disposed. Gone are the days of tossing out retired technology containing sensitive data without considering the risks involved. Businesses and consumers alike are shifting the focus to the data security and environmental risks that come when replacing old electronic devices with newer technology. This emphasis on data security and sustainable solutions has allowed IT asset disposition (ITAD) services to make their way into the recycling industry.

The electronics recycling industry is embracing the ITAD practice of redeploying devices within an organization, remarketing assets to third parties, reuse and recovery of working parts and the recycling of devices to recover raw materials. While these options are important, digital data destruction remains a critical component of ITAD service offerings.
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To put into perspective millions of records were stolen in 2015 as a result of poor data security. It is important to realize that data breaches can be prevented on unplugged devices removed from the network and retired electronics. There are various options available for destroying data on storage media devices such as overwriting software, degaussing or complete destruction. Keep these in mind when selecting an ITAD vendor to manage unused IT equipment to ensure both digital data is destroyed and devices are properly assessed.

If you are not familiar with the term ITAD, you are not alone. The term references the rapidly growing field of disposing of IT equipment in a safe and responsible manner. To help emphasize the crucial component of any IT life-cycle management strategy Sean Magann, vice president of Sims Recycling Solutions, will clarify the ITAD process with his presentation “Effectively Finding Value From E-Waste” at the 4th annual e-Waste World conference this June 30 – July 1 in Shanghai, China.

The must-attend conference provides the opportunity for global industry leaders to drive innovation, collaborate and showcase the efforts on standards and technology for electronics life cycle management. If you plan to go to the conference, be sure to stop by Booth #3/4 to learn more about the integrated ITAD solutions of redeployment, remarketing, recovery and recycling of all technology devices.

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