Benefits of Secure IT Asset Disposition

Posted by on July 14, 2016

Company-owned IT assets containing proprietary and/or sensitive information are not always considered a high priority and may introduce significant security risks when devices are replaced. As a result secure and responsible IT asset disposition (ITAD) has never been more critical. ITAD refers to the methodical process of removing retired or non-working IT equipment with the secure disposition of IT assets that are compliant with local, national and global environmental regulations.

No matter the organization it is strongly encouraged to implement a systematic process for inventory reconciliation, remarketing, and responsible recycling of obsolete IT equipment. Benefits of a well-defined and secure ITAD program can lower logistics costs, eliminate data security risks and recoup value from retired and non-working IT assets.
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Lowered Logistics Costs A vendor with an international footprint and efficient transportation logistics can help reduce other supply chain costs between processing facilities. With an ITAD program in place, a vendor would support day-to-day scheduling, timely communications and coordinate changes, and special instructions to facilitate the safe and secure removal and destruction of obsolete equipment. This reduced handling results in lowered logistics costs and carbon footprint. Limiting the frequency IT assets are transported minimizes the potential for data security breaches.

Data Security Through access-controlled and guarded processing facilities, IT assets are protected prior to destruction. Businesses and enterprises have multiple destruction options that guarantee company privacy and corporate reputation will not be compromised. Whether data destruction is via bulk data eradication, hard drive shredding or witnessed destruction, a certificate of data destruction must be provided to validate the quality of service. With a vendor’s controlled facilities, all retired and non-working IT assets are securely managed to ensure safety and quality standards are met.

Recoup Value Depending on business goals, some IT assets arrive at secured facilities and are assessed for resale potential. An IT asset’s age, functionality, appearance and overall condition are considered. Whether a vendor uses a proprietary pricing tool to track sale value and/or has relationships with resourceful wholesale and retail resellers both are important in maximizing the real value of electronic asset recovery. A strong ITAD program considers the product stream, the volume, and logistics to determine where hidden revenue can be found from obsolete electronic equipment investments.

Secure ITAD services enables businesses and public sector organizations to sustain the value of IT and electronic equipment in a legally compliant, data secure, fully traceable and environmentally sustainable manner.

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