How one Centre is Helping London Businesses Protect Themselves

Do you have concerns for your organization’s data security? Have these concerns threatened your drive to grow and expand your online efforts? The London Digital Security Centre was established in


Guarantee Security in Your On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Service

All businesses reach a point where they are required to upgrade their IT and electronic equipment. When upgrading existing equipment, whether replacing end-of-life IT units or just switching them out


Developing a Risk Aware Culture for Data Security

The digital data security risk landscape is evolving as rapidly as technology is. While it’s impossible to predict what new technologies will emerge and when, organisations can still be ready

3 ways you can extend your ITAD budget


3 Ways You Can Extend Your ITAD Budget

Over the past 15 years the market for the disposal of electronics and IT equipment has undergone a dramatic evolution. Businesses who were accustomed to receiving payment for the commodities

IT asset disposition


Securing Your Chain-of-Custody During IT Asset Disposition

When managing the disposition of IT assets, items must be closely tracked to ensure the security of any data stored. Companies with various locations may find it challenging to ensure


Benefits of Secure IT Asset Disposition

Company-owned IT assets containing proprietary and sensitive information are not always considered a high priority and introduce significant security risks when upgrades take place and devices are replaced. As a


Building Organizational Success at IAITAM’s 2016 Spring ACE

For the past 13 years, IT asset management (ITAM) professionals and industry leaders have gathered at the International Association of IT Asset Managers’ (IAITAM) annual Spring ACE conference and exhibition


Bulk Media Shredder Enhances On-Site Digital Data Destruction Offerings

Over the last decade, hard drive data destruction services have gained popularity in assuring organizations all data is disposed of securely and responsibly along with their electronic hardware. More recently,


Conquering Data Center Decommissioning Security Challenges

Increasing digitization, mobility and connected devices will continue to impact how data centers manage vast amounts of data. According to the world’s leading information technology research company, large quantities of


Part 2: Working With Different Types of Hard Drives

Click here to view Part 1. The two most common types of laptop and desktop storage devices are hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). A hard disk drive