A Recap of E-Scrap 2016

As one of the largest shows for the electronics scrap industry, the 14th annual E-Scrap 2016 Conference gathered industry professionals from across the globe to meet and discuss e-recycling industry

3 ways you can extend your ITAD budget


3 Ways You Can Extend Your ITAD Budget

Over the past 15 years the market for the disposal of electronics and IT equipment has undergone a dramatic evolution. Businesses who were accustomed to receiving payment for the commodities

IT asset disposition


Securing Your Chain-of-Custody During IT Asset Disposition

When managing the disposition of IT assets, items must be closely tracked to ensure the security of any data stored. Companies with various locations may find it challenging to ensure

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Global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Certifications

Electronic technology development is heading in new directions releasing newer devices and operating systems. Because of these innovations we are witnessing data bearing devices such as smartphones, computers and personal


Benefits of Secure IT Asset Disposition

Company-owned IT assets containing proprietary and sensitive information are not always considered a high priority and introduce significant security risks when upgrades take place and devices are replaced. As a


ADISA Passes SRS European and APAC Sites for ITAD Services

Launched in 2010, the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) industry standard was designed for companies who participate in IT asset disposition (ITAD). The ADISA Certification gives clients reassurance


ITAD Makes Its Way Into the Recycling Industry

With over 41.8 billion tons of e-waste dumped worldwide in 2014, growing concerns for technological waste has led national and international legislators to regulate how end-of-life electronics can and should


Data Breaches: 3 Security Gaps You May Have Not Considered

Most companies have some method of data breach protection in place, but data breaches are not all alike so how do you know you’re fully protected? There are several ways

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5 Steps to Complete Asset Recovery

When upgrading an IT device the replaced device can sometimes be viewed as “scrap” and not considered for its full potential value. While the average person is most likely unfamiliar


The FAQs of Final E-waste Disposition

While there are several actions you can take to help preserve the environment, the responsible disposition of IT and electronic equipment (e-waste) continues to be a crucial one that must