How to Vet Your IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Vendor’s Reuse Process

As data volumes increase, with an estimated 40 zettabytes of data expected to be created by 2020, security threats continue to be significant when it comes to dealing with data


6 Things You Might Not Know About ITAD

The definition of a hero is generally described as a person admired for outstanding achievements. Therefore when referring to an IT department a hero might represent the person responsible for


Webinar: The Fundamentals of Global IT Asset Disposition (Everything to Know from A-Z)

In a global economy, enterprises depend more and more on robust IT infrastructures. As an IT manager it is your goal to efficiently and effectively procure and maintain IT assets

3 ways you can extend your ITAD budget


3 Ways You Can Extend Your ITAD Budget

Over the past 15 years the market for the disposal of electronics and IT equipment has undergone a dramatic evolution. Businesses who were accustomed to receiving payment for the commodities


Benefits of Secure IT Asset Disposition

Company-owned IT assets containing proprietary and/or sensitive information are not always considered a high priority and may introduce significant security risks when devices are replaced. As a result secure and


5 Steps to Complete Asset Recovery

When upgrading an IT device the replaced device is often viewed as “scrap” and not considered for its full potential value. While the average person may not be familiar with


The Real Value of Electronic Asset Recovery

When corporate budgets allow for IT and electronic device upgrades, newer models and features overshadow the value of replaced devices. While equipment values can vary greatly, these older and replaced

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Part 3: Preparing Your Hard Drive for Reuse

Click here to view Part 2. Varying specifications of hard drives can be the first step in assessing whether the device can be reused or should be processed for end-of-life


Holistic Solutions for IT Asset Disposition

Now that it’s time for your organization to retire technology assets, you’re probably looking for a solution to destroy data, resell equipment and responsibly dispose of retired electronic devices. Before


How to Confidently Purchase Refurbished IT Equipment

With global e-commerce expected to reach 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars by 20181 it comes as no surprise that enterprises are shifting to online environments. Adding to this discussion, a recent