Let’s Meet at Data Connectors

Every year leading experts in the InfoSec community attend Data Connectors, a technology security conference held throughout the United States and Canada. The conference provides industry professionals the opportunity to


Updated ISO 9001:2015 Certification Includes Elements That Could Improve ITAD Services

The ISO 9001 standard outlines a set of requirements for organizations to maintain their quality management system. Every five years all ISO standards are reviewed to determine if a revision


Thieves Are Drooling Over the Personal Information You Left on Your Old Phone, Mic.com

By Sophie Kleeman, posted December 11, 2015 We worry about our personal information falling into the wrong hands when our phones are in our pockets and our laptops are on


Supporting Local Recycling Organizations

Sims Recycling Solutions believes it is important to support local recycling organizations in communities where we provide services. Sims Recycling Solutions co-sponsored the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s Fall Celebration


How a Business can Master Efficient, Responsible and Secure IT Asset Disposition

In the 2014 calendar year, Unisys Corporation disposed of more than 1.6 million pounds of end-of-life IT and electronic equipment. To better visualize the significance of this amount, 1.6 million


ITAD Vendor Standards: Beyond Certifications

In today’s tech world IT security is a known priority. While manufacturers and software developers work to manage data security of equipment while in operation, the IT asset disposition (ITAD)


The Future of Technology: Security vs. Convenience

More everyday items are being manufactured with access to the internet where they are able to identify themselves to other devices. The data generated is being exchanged among this network


Latin America’s Recycling Infrastructure Road Map: Are we there yet?

While volumes of retired electronics in Latin America have continued to increase, local infrastructure for the proper management of “end-of-life” electronic equipment has not caught up to the demand. In


Sims Recycling Solutions’ Community Spotlight: Christine Chute Canul

This month we place the spotlight on Christine Chute Canul, senior program director with Keep Texas Beautiful. How and when did the Keep Texas Beautiful organization start? The organization’s history dates back

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Is Your IT Asset Disposal Vendor a Company You Can Trust?

As you watch the driver pull away with all of your hard drives, are you confident that you know exactly what’s happening to those items? Are they being juggled between

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